Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Have Found Art!

It would not take long before I made my first major discovery of Art on the Internet!

In the heartbreaking compositions of Lo Hoang Lai, we see that frail meeting between East and West that others deemed impossible. Her mighty poems shake the very foundations of heaven and earth, yet remain fragile as the butterfly's breath. Yes, truly this is a pregnant moment in time, where poetry as potent as that of Lo Hoang Lai can be born.

For while brimming with eternal qualities, these poems are packed with the zeitgeist of the day, and Lo Hoang Lai is very much a child of these defining times. Only once or twice in a life will an Art Critic have the luck to witness the birth of a Star. But today, I know, is such a day for me, and my Star bears the name of Lo Hoang Lai.



  1. Dear Friend, Words leaving me as birds. I, a humble enigma, getting the attention from the Big and Powerful Theobald Humphrey. I will write day and night never never letting you down. As the blood leaves me and and I leave this World to yet again travel with the Souls i will whisper as i go "Humph, Humph"

    sincerely yours,

    Lo Hoang Lai

  2. You are an Idiot! Lo Hoang Lai is an Idiot! You are all idiots! You should shut your mouth before I come and sock you one!

  3. Hmmm?

    I think the little dog Barks louder than he bites, what?

    Pom Pom, old chap!


  4. I agree, the world of poetry, verses, and emotions is wonderful and soul-fulfilling. I am excited to read some of your works soon.