Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Monstrous Depiction

Just when I thought the day would be a disappointment, totally lacking in Artistic Encounter for your Art Critic at large, I suddenly stumbled over something that drew my Artistical eye to it like the proverbial positively charged magnet to the negatively charged one.

I had found Art, worthy of my criticism.

Not because it was so good, however - quite the contrary!

This disaster in taste, the trainwreck on the railroads of decency, belongs to the school of so called "Religious Art" and is a so called portait featuring the Lord, our Saviour - but despite the insistance of the "artist", the likenes is barely discernable. Perhaps I would not go to far if I said that to see Jesus in this painting verges on the miraculous.

The composition is horrible and the balance is hideous. The colors are completely wrong. And there is no real "spark" to the eye of Our Saviour.

All in all it is a lifeless portait that would find a suitable place, perhaps, on a lesser, more rural museum but should never be considered for display on any place of some renomme, such as the Louvre.

Disappointing Day

Today I have been unable to find any Art worthy of my criticism. I have fine combed the Internet.

But I will not give up - out there, somewhere, it lies, waiting for me. I know it.

Oh, Lo Hoang Lai, why has your production so abruptly ceased just when I needed to drink from your fountain of inspiration once more!

Over and Out!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Have Found Art!

It would not take long before I made my first major discovery of Art on the Internet!

In the heartbreaking compositions of Lo Hoang Lai, we see that frail meeting between East and West that others deemed impossible. Her mighty poems shake the very foundations of heaven and earth, yet remain fragile as the butterfly's breath. Yes, truly this is a pregnant moment in time, where poetry as potent as that of Lo Hoang Lai can be born.

For while brimming with eternal qualities, these poems are packed with the zeitgeist of the day, and Lo Hoang Lai is very much a child of these defining times. Only once or twice in a life will an Art Critic have the luck to witness the birth of a Star. But today, I know, is such a day for me, and my Star bears the name of Lo Hoang Lai.


Welcome To The Internet!

Thank you for taking the time to come and visit me on the Internet!

My name is Theodore Humphrey and I am an Art Critic. While I am sadly between actual employments as such, at the moment, I nevertheless continue plying my craft at the Internet.

I help out my fellow man by bringing my considerable expertise into play. I bring my skillful criticism to their work, so that they might grow as artists. And who knows, perhaps they will be so grateful that they will want to repay me for my kindness?

If you have any work you want criticised, don't hesitate to leave a comment in my blog!

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